About MIF
About MIF
The global Muslim community is currently experiencing a severe crisis. Numerous local military and political conflicts, armed civil uprisings, the issue of terrorism and extremism, scientific and cultural decline – all these factors have an extremely negative effect on state of our Ummah. It is absolutely obvious that in order to effectively solve these problems it is not enough to consolidate our efforts on one area. What is necessary is the consolidation of moderate and constructive forces of the entire Muslim world.

In this regard the 10th Muslim International Forum (MIF), organised by the Religious Board of Muslims of the Russian Federation in late 2014 became a key event on the way towards achieving this goal. Spiritual leaders of Muslim Arab countries, Turkic world, Iran and Europe took active part in the Forum. All of them backed the idea of turning the annual Forum into an active international organisation and expressed readiness to provide their full support.

The Muslim International Forum proposes peacekeeping and educational initiatives designed to help solve deep crises and conflicts in the most unstable parts of the Muslim world.

The consolidation and mobilization of the most robust and responsible spiritual, social, intellectual, cultural and other forces of the international Muslim community around the ideas of sustainable growth relying on traditional religious values are among the main goals of this organisation. We consider it necessary to reconcile the disunited space of the modern Ummah by means of positive ideas of creation and not of schism and violence.

The most important conditions for achieving this goal are the understanding of modernity and the actualisation of the global Muslim heritage and bringing together the intellectual resources of the global Ummah’s community of scholars (alims and researchers).

At the same time, the work of the Muslim International Forum has a goal of educating the entire Muslim Ummah. And this area is considered not only as the main method of countering the extremist tendencies by involving the new generation of Muslims into intellectual work and professional growth, but also as the only method for the modern Muslim world to find the way out the crisis it has been going through for the past few centuries.

So far, notable Muslim figures, such as President of the Presidency of Religious Affairs of the Turkish Republic Mufti Dr. Mehmet Görmez, Secretary-General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars Sheikh Ali Muhyealdin al-Quradaghi, President of Al-Mustafa International University Ayatollah Ali-Reza Arafi have expressed their willingness to take part in the Muslim International Forum.