Analytical Centre
The Analytical Centre is the key body of the Muslim International Forum. The purpose of this department is to carry out a number of very important tasks related to the organisation’s development, as well as to the implementation of MIF’s scientific and educational projects that are meant to educate the global Muslim community, provide objective and indepth coverage of the most urgent issues and conflicts of the Muslim world in order to develop the best ways to solve them.
Almanac of MIF
The Almanac of Muslim International Forum is an official analytical edition of the organization. The Almanac, which will have articles published in Russian and English, will be issued four times a year.

Translation and Research Centre
In order to deliver printed and virtual materials published by various departments of the Muslim International Forum to the entire Muslim Ummah - even to its furthest corners - the organisation has established the Translation and Research Centre. At this point this department includes translators of the five working languages of the MIF: Russian, English, Arabic, Turkish and Farsi.
Human Rights Centre
Protecting the rights of Muslims worldwide is one of the main objectives of the Muslim International Forum organisation. For this purpose, the Human Right Centre is being created within the framework of the working committee of the MIF. It is important to stress that the activity of the Centre will not be limited to simply covering the stated problem - the experts are tasked with formulating solutions to the issue of respecting the rights of Muslims in general and in particular cases.
Minaret of Islam
Among the main areas of activity of the Muslim International Forum is educating all members of the global Ummah by teaching them the works of the most prominent Muslim thinkers of our time and of the past. This is why the members of the organising committee of the 10th Muslim International Forum, which took place in Moscow in December 9-12, 2014, decided to launch the ‘Minaret of Islam’ - an international multilingual religion, philosophy and politics quarterly magazine.
Ismail Gasprinsky Award
A special award named after Ismail Gasprinsky is planned to be created within the framework of the MIF in order to encourage the outstanding contribution to the development of modern Ummah. It will be awarded on a competitive basis to contemporary activists of the Muslim world in the areas of governance, public and community service, charity, science, culture, theology and education.