A Muslim woman took up the position of a chaplain in the US Army for the first time
An interesting and significant event took place in the United States - Saleha Jabeen, the first Muslim woman serving in the US Army, received a diploma that allows her to serve in the US Air Force Chaplain Corps. "I didn't have to compromise on any of my religious beliefs," Jabeen shared.

The Muslim woman expressed gratitude to the management for the opportunity and said that she is aware of the responsibility that she will have to perform in her new position.
"I can provide religious assistance to all military personnel, their families, and give advice to commanders on religious and moral issues, regardless of my faith, ethnicity, or gender," Saleha said.

Jabeen, originally from India, moved to the US 14 years ago as an international student.

Although chaplaincy is more of a Christian tradition, for Muslims serving in the US army, this model is a way to provide interaction with public institutions such as the army, hospitals, correctional institutions.

Muslim chaplains work mainly with Muslims. But representatives of other religions, also, if necessary, will be able to receive religious help.