Minaret of Islam №2

3 - Editor’s Note
Damir Mukhetdinov

Islam and the dialogue of religions

6 - Islam and Christianity: a comparison of the problems, ideas, conceptions and emotional aspects in inter-religious dialogue
Author: Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez

13 - Islamic State and Religious Minorities: History and Present
Author: Dr. M.A. Muqtedar Khan

17 - ‘Living in peace with all’. 50th Anniversary of the Declaration ‘Nostra аetate’ 

Islam against terrorism and extremism

20 -The best solution to our problems is a calm and purposeful dialogue
Author: Dr. Ali Muhyealdin al-Quradaghi

26 - We need to return to the true Qur’anic humanism
Author: Damir Mukhetdinov

30 - The Weakness of Civil Society Organizations as a Factor of Instability in the Arab Muslim World
Author: Dr. Nihad Awad

41 - The open letter of 126 Muslim scholars to the leader of organization DAISH

54 Picture Story.
2nd “Bigiev readings” in St Petersburg Prepared by: Press Center of the of the Muslim International Forum