Executive Secretary of the International Muslim Forum Damir Mukhetdinov met with the mufti of Turkey
Executive Secretary of the Muslim International Forum (MIF), Damir Mukhetdinov, on the delegation of the mufti of Russia, Ravil Gainutdin, visited Turkey. During the meeting with the mufti of Turkey, Ali Erbash, the parties agreed to jointly hold the Muslim International Forum .

Within the framework of the visit of the Russian delegation, on April 24, a meeting was held between Muslim leaders of Russia and Turkey - Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin and Professor Ali Erbash. At the meeting, the parties gave a high assessment to the relations of the leaders of the countries of the President of Russia V.V. Putin and R.T. Erdogan who have a high level of trust.

The parties confirmed their mutual interest in developing cooperation for the benefit of the two countries, the Russian and Turkish peoples. In particular, it was possible to reach an agreement on the joint holding of the Muslim International Forum in December 2019 in Berlin.

Recall that the next meeting of the MIF will be devoted to the topic "Interfaith dialogue in the (post) secular world - the search for interaction platforms."