Antalya (Turkey)
A 195-million-year-old slab with the inscription "Basmala" has been found in Turkey
The signs that form the Arabic word "basmala" were found on a marble slab discovered in a quarry in the Turkish Mediterranean province of Antalya.

The discovery was made in the area of the production of marble by Antalya Marble Industry and Trade Company in the village of Taskesigi, Antalya Korkuteli district.

The drawing that appeared on the stone attracted the attention of the miners when the stone was being processed in the quarry. While removing the dust from the stone, the workers noticed that "basmala" was written in Arabic letters.

The slab was transported to Suleiman Demirel University in the southwestern part of Turkey, where scientists, after analysis, concluded that the inscription appeared naturally.

The bioclastic remains of fossils belonging to marine creatures that lived 195 million years ago in the Jurassic period were discovered in dolomitic limestone, which formed the plate itself. It was also noted that the inscription was formed as a result of fragmentation, deformation and the location of the remains of mollusks in a certain form.

According to a scientific report presented by Ahmed Ogke, Professor of the Faculty of Theology at Akdeniz University, the symbols on the marble are the same as in the Quran.

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