About the terrible terrorist attack in New Zealand
Executive Secretary and Head of the Working Group of the International Muslim Forum, Damir Mukhetdinov, on the terrorist act in New Zealand.

People, our co-religionists, representatives of a small religious community became victims of monstrous terrorist attacks in two mosques in the city of Christchurch. According to the latest data, 50 people were killed, dozens injured. 4 suspected, right-wing viewers detained.

The Muslim community of New Zealand is an integral part of the cultural and religious landscape of the country. The first Muslims began to move to this region more than 120 years ago, i.e. long before independence was declared, “European in its historical roots” of New Zealand. Many of its citizens who now profess Islam come from the Maori people - the indigenous inhabitants of the island, where, until today, there have never been terrorist attacks. And, on this island, according to neo-Nazi fanatics, there is no place for people peacefully building their destiny, participating in the common cause of all civilized humanity.

New barbarians, hiding behind the legacy of the European tradition, seek to justify the killings with some political considerations and explicitly declare their desire to launch a cycle of violence in order to cause instability in the region and around the world. Of course, they will not succeed. Because, the main differences between people are not located where neo-Nazis would like to see them. In fact, differences do not exist between nationalities, races, and religious groups, but between murderers who extol violence and people free from the worship of idol cruelty, aggression and malice. Here, we are talking about free people who have become random and, at the same time, non-random victims of fanatics. Random, because their place could take the representatives of any "stand out", in the opinion of neo-Nazis, groups. But, alas, it is not accidental, if we take into account all the Islamophobic hysteria, which has been unfolding for many years in modern mass culture, in particular, in the media. Hatred begets violence. Violence is looking for a way out in creating scapegoats, allegedly responsible for the "decline" of the West and who allegedly threaten the West by the very fact of their "otherness".

Regardless of religion and ideological differences, the people of the world must condemn this terrorist act and direct (each in their own field) all their efforts to prevent similar tragedies in the future, as each individual is already “different” and original. Today's attack on the Muslim minority of New Zealand is an attack (not only potential, but also actual!) against any person whose fault lies only in the incompatibility with some kind of model identity. Every representative of the “silent majority” is such - with some aspect of his being, he goes beyond the limits of the standardized prototype.

We grieve with the relatives of the victims. And, along with all those whose hearts still do not exude a stench, are not yet covered with black fumes of cynicism and irresponsible political demagogy. Let what happened today be a lesson to be learned forever, and, of course, not on the material of the massacres ...

Damir Mukhetdinov