Fratelli tutti's encyclical translated and published by Muslims in support of interreligious dialogue
The Medina publishing house and the Muslim International Forum have prepared the first Russian-language translation of Pope Francis ' third Encyclical Fratelli tutti ("All brothers"), dedicated to universal brotherhood and social friendship. The publication of this important theological document in Russian is timed to coincide with the Christian holiday of Eid al-Milyad (the Nativity of Isa Ibn Maryam).

In the Preface to the Russian translation of the document of the Roman Catholic Church, the first Deputy Chairman of the Religious Board of Muslims of the Russian Federation, the Executive Secretary of the Muslim International Forum, Dr. theology Damir Mukhetdinov, notes that the main idea of the new message of the Roman Pope is the theme of the meeting, which is thought of as an important space on the way to mutual understanding (not only of the other, but above all of oneself).

"So how can the translation of a document of the Roman Catholic Church be important for a Muslim? The answer is simple: in addition to the reflections of Pope Francis, which will be discussed later, a chance to better understand your own religion, to see it from unexpected sides. Freedom from prejudice against others, promotes greater freedom of thought, which necessarily leads to freedom from prejudice against oneself. A better understanding of ourselves will not go unnoticed for how others understand us. This mutual understanding (not only of the other, but above all of oneself) takes place during the meeting. The meeting is discussed in the message of Fratelli tutti, " writes Damir Mukhetdinov.

The format of the meeting is more relevant than ever for the modern interreligious dialogue, the deep level of understanding of which was exemplified by the head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, and the Grand Imam of al-Azhar, Sheikh Ahmad al-Tayyib, during a joint meeting in Abu Dhabi (UAE), held in February 2019.

The Russian translation of the Encyclical is available in electronic form on the website of the publishing house "Medina", and in print – will be distributed to all interested persons and institutions.