Human Brotherhood Day at the Expo 2020 event in Dubai
The document of human brotherhood has become “an important milestone on the path of interreligious dialogue", - Cardinal Miguel Angel Ayuso Guixot said on the sidelines of an event at Expo 2020 in Dubai dedicated to the International Day of Human Brotherhood.

He was one of several religious leaders gathered at the Expo Sustainable Development Pavilion on Friday to mark the third anniversary of the signing of the document by Pope Francis and Sheikh Ahmed El—Tayeb, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, in Abu Dhabi on 4th of February 2019.

The joint declaration calls for peace among all peoples, while at the same time setting out a plan for a culture of dialogue and cooperation between all faiths.

In commemoration of the anniversary, Pope Francis and Sheikh El-Tayeb sent video messages in which they called for the continuation of interfaith understanding.

Opening the celebrations, Mohammed Abdelsalam, Secretary General of the Supreme Committee of the Human Brotherhood, stressed that "the Human Brotherhood document gives people the opportunity to fight prejudice and offer protection to the haves and have-nots, rich and poor, and both sexes."

The Human Brotherhood High Committee was founded by the UAE authorities to determine the winners of the Zayed Prize, which is awarded annually to people or organizations “who embody in their work this lifelong commitment to human brotherhood."

Last year's winners were UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and Latifa Ibn Ziaten, a Moroccan-French activist who has tirelessly fought against radicalization since she lost her son in a terrorist attack 10 years ago.

Speaking during Friday's event in Dubai, Mohammed Al-Divaini, deputy director of Al-Azhar, said it was extremely important to get rid of hatred and discrimination in favor of religious tolerance.

The opening ceremony included a short video dedicated to leaders who served the cause of coexistence, including Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr. and Sheikh Zayed, who was the driving force behind the formation of the UAE and championed pluralism throughout his life.

Cardinal Guixot noted during the event that the pandemic has become a problem for people of all faiths, but faith has helped guide communities through the crisis and will help them all recover.

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