Cairo (Egypt)
Syria should return to the League of Arab States in 2022
In the spring of 2022, Algeria will host the next summit of the League of Arab States (LAS). The Algerian authorities will attempt to return Syria to the league. To do this, a question will be put forward for a vote of all members of the organization.

At least three member States of the organization are in favor of Syria's return to the Arab League: Algeria, Lebanon and Iraq.

For a long time, all the initiatives of these three countries to return Syria to the Arab League were boycotted by the monarchies of the Persian Gulf led by Saudi Arabia.

But in the fall of 2021, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman called for a review of relations with Syria. After the appearance of this news, air traffic between Damascus and Riyadh was unexpectedly resumed.

The UAE authorities have become the first of the Arab monarchies to reopen their embassy in Damascus. In early November 2021, UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan unexpectedly visited Syria. This is the first official visit of such a high level since 2011. It is also worth noting that the Syrian pavilion was inaugurated at the international exhibition in Abu Dhabi, which was visited by many officials of the country.

For Syria, returning to the LAS will accelerate the resumption of diplomatic relations with other Arab countries. For Damascus, this is especially important in the context of the resumption of economic ties with its neighbors and the restoration of its own economy.