Thai religious leaders highly appreciate the visit of the head of the Muslim World League to the country
Religious leaders of Southeast Asia highly appreciated the visit of the delegation of the Muslim World League (MWL) to Thailand, where the General Secretary of this organization, Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Al-Issa, met with local officials and visited Islamic sites of this country.

During the visit, Fatoni University in Pattani Province, Thailand awarded Al-Issa an honorary doctorate in the presence of government, public and academic figures.

According to officials, the honorary doctorate was awarded in recognition of the Muslim missions that served Islam and the truth of its teachings.

Al-Issa visited the Islamic Council of Thailand, where he met with the Chairman of the Council and its members, including prominent Thai Muslims. During the meeting, it was noted that the presence of Islam in the country "strengthened" it thanks to religious and national consciousness.

Al-Issa also gave a lecture at the Islamic Council, gathering a large audience, which included officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand.

The leadership of the Council expressed its appreciation for the content of the lecture and approved its publication.

The General Secretary of the MWL also visited the historic Ton Zon Mosque in the Thai capital Bangkok to meet with prominent Islamic officials. The religious building was founded in 1610 and is the oldest mosque in the country.

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