Minaret of Islam №3

3 - Editor’s Note
Damir Mukhetdinov

Islam and the Problem of Rational Cognition

6 - Allah Desires Worship of the Mind
Author: Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin

16 - The Ontological Ground of Qur’anic Rationality
Author: Doctor Ibrahim Kalin

20 - Qur’an Epistemology of Science
Author: Professor Taufik Ibrahim

28 - Religious and Philosophical Rationalism as a Bridge between Tradition and Modernization
Author: Doctor Ezz al-Din Reza Nejad

32 - The Islamic Reform Movement at the Turn of the 20th Century: a Look at Science and the Education System
Author: Professor Svetlana Kirillina

Islam in Europe

38 -There is No Contradiction Between Being a Muslim and a European at the Same Time
Author: Abu Bakr Rieger

45 - Russian Muslim Culture: Social Reality and Concept
Author: Damir Mukhetdinov

Picture Story
59 - The Main Russian Mosque
Prepared by: Press Centre of the Muslim International Forum